“Go Discover Bradley.”

- Dwight D. Eisenhower, Supreme Allied Commander, 1943

Pyle with Dwight D. Eisenhower and Omar N. Bradley

PICTURED FROM LEFT: Bradley, Eisenhower, and Pyle.

PHOTO CREDIT: Indiana University School of Journalism

“Go Discover Bradley.”

General Omar Bradley, known for his humility, quiet demeanor, and low-key personality, rose to prominence during the Second World War thanks in large part to the writings of war correspondent Ernie Pyle.

Following the successful Sicily campaign, Supreme Allied Commander General Dwight Eisenhower tasked Pyle to “Go Discover Bradley.” The result was a series of articles published in Life Magazine. Pyle depicted Bradley's unwavering dedication and compassion towards his soldiers, earning him the nickname the “Soldier’s General” and immense popularity on the home front.

With assistance from the Missouri Humanities Council, the “Discover Bradley” project aims to reignite interest in this renowned Missourian for younger generations both locally and globally. Through a dedicated website, the project seeks to serve as a gateway for learning about Bradley’s military achievements and unique leadership style.

Similar to Ernie Pyle's newspaper and magazine articles, the “Discover Bradley” website project endeavors to reintroduce General Bradley to contemporary audiences using modern media platforms.

Time to Build

A previous generation of General Bradley, Inc. successfully established the statue and war memorial at Rothwell Park. It is a focal point for remembrance, drawing visitors to pay homage to the fallen heroes and reflect on the significance of their deeds.

Now, plans are underway to build the General Omar Bradley Library and Museum. General Bradley Inc. intends to showcase the sacrifice and valor of those who served their country. This initiative aims to further commemorate the esteemed military leader's legacy, ensuring his contributions to leadership and service are preserved and celebrated for generations to come. Learners of all ages can explore our shared history and foster skills for personal growth and lifelong success.


Join us in this project. Please donate to help build the library, museum, and leadership curriculum. Together, we can pay tribute to this military icon. Your donation honors the spirit of community, service, and sacrifice that defines Americans.

Omar Bradley Salute

PHOTO CREDIT: Harry S. Truman Library

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PHOTO CREDIT: Harry S. Truman Library