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At the General Omar Bradley Memorial, Library, and Museum Inc., we want to preserve the memory and great legacy of one of America's most remarkable military leaders.

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Donate to General Bradley, Inc., and become a part of our mission to honor a true American hero. We need you to help inspire curiosity in future generations and promote service to others.

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A Perfect Location in Moberly, MO

In locating the Museum, the City of Moberly intends to appeal to the military scholars and veterans living in or visiting the region. It will be near:

Project Plan

Through a variety of exhibits, educational programs, and community outreach initiatives, we are dedicated to honoring General Bradley's distinguished military career, leadership, and service to the nation. Our goal is to create a space where history comes alive, inspiring visitors to reflect on the past and look toward the future. Explore the leadership qualities exemplified by General Bradley and learn how they continue to shape our world today. You will gain exciting and valuable insights into leadership principles and skills that are relevant in both military and civilian contexts.

Stay tuned for upcoming events and project updates as we continue to build a vibrant center for education and remembrance.

Omar Bradley

PHOTO CREDIT: Harry S. Truman Library

West-Central Kansas to East-Central Missouri Corridor

The General Omar Bradley Library and Museum in Moberly will connect with other educational and research facilities in a historical corridor from west-central Kansas to east-central Missouri.

In addition, General Bradley, Inc. will include the Museum in the footprint of “The Way of American Genius,” a well-known tourism corridor that stretches almost 200 miles along Highway 36 from St. Joseph to Hannibal, celebrating many innovators and prominent Americans, including several other military heroes, from the region.